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Project U47w

John from Project U47w recently reached out to the Patience Project. He is currently involved in a project which he thought our participants could benefit from. Live musical performances!

The Patience Project currently sets up a 360 live streaming camera in schools. Our participants can attend school virtually and feel more included while they are absent from school, to bring them back a sense of normality. How great would it be for these kids to also have the opportunity to virtually attend other events!

Covid 19 has flipped the world on it’s head, but the one thing that everyone has truly experienced recently is isolation.  People haven’t been able to hug their relatives for fear of illness.  Kids haven’t been able to go to school and to tie in more directly to Project U47w, musicians haven’t been able to perform to a live audience.  

Project U47w:  Roomservice Media has the fantastic opportunity to obtain one of the best microphones ever made and use it to record brand new, original compositions by two of New Zealand’s most prominent pianists.  The performances will be conducted on immaculate Steinway and Pleyel pianos and in partnership with the Patience Project, the recording process will be streamed live via an immersive 360º camera, providing all viewers with the best seat in the house. 

For further details, please refer to  If you would like to support the cause, a crowdfunding page has been set up on Boosted, to help make this experience a reality.

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