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An awesome assessment :)

Updated: Feb 5, 2019

We are  pleased to be able to publish the final report on the Patience Project released by the university. It will be published in the Paediatric Journal in the near future. Much of the the full report is given to what the participants actually said and there is a one page summary that we will use to promote interest. So, we now know officially that the technology will be of benefit to kids with a long term illness!

In the meantime the trustees have been meeting.  Some major sponsors, including the Starship Foundation, are in place and it is hoped to roll out the opportunity to 35 patients in Starship in the near future. It has been really heartening that support has come from many sources. The person who will be the administrator of the programme has offered to begin work even though she cannot be paid until funding is in place  Gestures like  St Kentigern College wanting to put a term’s chapel collection each year to buy a camera, keep reminding us that the project will and must fly. As the aim is to make the technology available across disciplines and  nation wide eventually, a quantitative study is now required, using much larger numbers . Major sponsors will want to know what the difference in well-being is between patients given this chance, and those who do not. Auckland University has agreed to take on this next step.  They plan to partner with the Auckland Medical School and doctors at Starship Hospital to get this underway.

Happy reading…..

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