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An end and a beginning…

Friday was my last official day at my current employer. Of course it came with some remorse as the team there have been (those that have moved on) and are currently, a great bunch. As I said to them, I have left my retirement fund in their capable hands and I have left strict instructions for them not to balls it up!

Sad as it was to leave them all, it was also the spark moment that ignites the kindling that sits under the Patience Project. I am truly excited about being able to make it my primary focus and stoke up a really good fire.

There was a moment of serendipity on Friday – my colleagues decided that we should have a drink to mark my leaving and we therefore headed out. Later that evening the entire nursing staff from Ward 27B (Oncology) at Starship filed into the bar for their ward Christmas party. Hugs and christmas greetings were exchanged as we saw each other and then off they went enjoying their bar hopping evening :)

It wasn’t the time or place to talk about the Patience Project but I know they would love to hear about it. Thank you 27B for your continued dedication to children's health.

Next week will be the start of my Christmas break – so in the spirit of that ‘Merry Christmas everyone!’

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