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And off we go! (2018)

Now that the holiday and Xmas period is behind us, and the Patience Project partners are all back on-board things are starting to get underway.

Over the break I realised that one of the essential items in keeping the project’s pace as quick as possible, is to make sure that we have all materials ready before the need arises. As is the modern way – we will need to seek permission from all parties for their involvement and that means they are going to have to consent for their participation, along with a whole lot of other information and material. Therefore the team have started work on putting together information packs, presentations and technical material to be used throughout the proof of concept.

"The team?" you say. Yup, Andrea Allport, has agreed to help with the authoring, collating and preparation of all this material – thanks heaps. This is a wonderful way for her to honour her late daughter Abby who became friends with Liam during both of their treatments at Starship. Andrea brings with her a great desire to make a difference in the spirit of the project as a whole and very handily, technical writing skills.

Welcome to the Patience Project Andrea – perhaps you will see a post from her in the future.

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