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Who do we need on board?

There are at least three functional parties that can make Patient Project happen.

  1. Willing participants that have a long-term illness and will be isolated from an important environment because of it

  2. Technology partner to provide equipment and a means  (e.g. data plans etc)

  3. Third party environment that the participant wants to be included in (e.g. a school classroom)

I’m very sure that I can find some willing participants and I have engaged with Starship Hospital in Auckland to help. Thanks Starship (Haem/Onc) for being so willing to assist and for being interested in the progress and outcomes.

I have approached a large New Zealand technology provider about getting them on-board to supply the equipment for the participants and I have received a very positive response that will be confirmed in the coming weeks. So more on that later when things are confirmed. Fingers crossed that this comes through as it is vital to a successful project.

And of course getting the permission of a suitable environment, is dependent on firstly identifying the participants.

I’ve also been thinking it would be really great to get someone on-board who might use the Patience Project as a subject for their thesis (or the like). That would help us get some professional assistance in measuring the success or failure of the outcomes. Anybody know anyone that is looking for an Educational Psychology thesis subject? Something semi-formal would be so much better than anecdotal evidence.

I have also contacted a few people to ask about them sharing some of their time in the future on an ad-hoc basis. There will clearly be some grunt work to move, install, train etc. Anyone want to be included?

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